What to do in Tel Aviv – A Weekend Guide

What to do in Tel Aviv? You only have a weekend? My first suggestion is that you change your ticket and stay longer, because a week isn’t enough to enjoy this amazing city! Also, you want to remember that much of Israel shuts down early on Friday afternoons and stays closed through Saturday as residents enjoy Shabbat with friends and family.

This was my first stay in the city and to say that I fell in love with it is an understatement! I instantly felt welcomed and embraced by Israel, but specifically by Tel Aviv.

So, WHAT to do in Tel Aviv you ask? There is SO much to do. To So much to see. It is impossible to ignore the street art. While some consider this merely “graffiti”, a deeper look proves that some of the most talented contemporary artists have touched paint to the walls around this city. Tel Aviv might be the street art capital of the world, or at least tied with Paris.

What to do in Tel Aviv Guide - Street Art in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv might be the street art capital of the world, with large murals and the smallest of stencils by some of the world’s most talented street artists adorn many of the streets and alleys of Tel Aviv.

Shopping?! Luckily I am traveling for a year, so I have strict shopping rules. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing, records, or culinary spices, Tel Aviv has it all, and more. From small boutiques to expansive shuks, or marketplaces, you may need to buy a new suitcase for all your perfect shopping finds.

What to do in Tel Aviv Guide - Carmel Market in Tel Aviv
Carmel Market is one of Tel Aviv’s most famous culinary shuks or marketplaces. A favorite of foodies and chefs. this is the place to pick up ingredients or grab a snack.

What about after the shopping and strolling and sunset watching? How is the food? Is it true what foodies everywhere say? Does Tel Aviv have the best food in the world? YES! There is so much to eat… and I ate it. Believe me, my struggling jeans will agree.

What to do in Tel Aviv Guide - Gemma restaurant in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv has a large selection of exquisite Italian restaurants and Gemma is one of my favorites.

A large part of what drove me to visit Israel, Tel Aviv in particular, was the food. Known for its world class cuisine encompassing nearly every possible region of the globe, Tel Aviv is a food lover’s heaven. Whatever you want, you can find in Tel Aviv. Celiac in Tel Aviv? Fine. Vegan in Tel Aviv? Fine! The only problem you may have is if you like bland food, because frankly, good luck finding anything that lacks flavor. You won’t and that is what made Tel Aviv so amazing to me. From the food to the people, this city (and country) is passionately ripe with flavor.

What to do in Tel Aviv Guide -
This Arab-Israeli bakery has been doing business in Jaffa since 1879. Easily the most famous bakery in Tel Aviv, don’t expect much guidance when wondering what to choose, just pick a few things. Point, pay, and eat. Best way to enjoy a snack from Abulafia is while watching the sunset on Honey Beach, right around the corner.
What to do in Tel Aviv Guide - Cafe Levinsky 41 in Tel Aviv
Located in the Levinsky market, Cafe Levinsky 41 is an eclectic little cafe that is easily spotted by its large school bus parked outside. Specializing in coffee and homemade fruit kombucha, this tiny cafe is a must visit when in the area.
What to do in Tel Aviv Guide - Urban Bakery in Tel Aviv
The Urban Bakery in Tel Aviv, Israel. A place for coffee, pastries, chocolates, or a curated selection of fine cheese.

I visited other parts of Israel while I was there, however this “what to do in Tel Aviv” guide is focused solely on Tel Aviv – specifically the areas in and around Jaffa and Florentin. With less than two weeks to explore and having met some new and wonderful friends, I found myself mostly sticking within these areas.

I’ll revisit Tel Aviv later in my trip, and I will likely update this guide with even more amazing places, but until then, please take a look at my picks below for what to do in Tel Aviv when you only have a weekend… or a week! Where to shop in Tel Aviv, where to eat in Tel Aviv, what to do in Tel Aviv, and yes …. where to get the best cappuccino in Tel Aviv! Hint: the best cappuccino is at an unexpected place!


– Weekend Edition –

To Eat


Tash and Tasha
georgian restaurant

Beit Eshel St 31
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 677 1373
Hours: 12PM – 1AM

Cafe Puaa

Rabbi Yohanan St 8
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 03 682 3821
Hours: 9AM – 12:30AM Su-Th + 9AM – 1AM F + 10AM – 1AM Sa 

Al Ashi
arabian restaurant

Rehov Olei Zion 4
Tel Aviv
+ 972 53 549 5018
Hours: 12:30PM – 12AM M-Sa

italian restaurant

Nehama St 5
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 53 936 5706
Hours: 12PM – 3PM / 7PM – 11PM M-Sa

venezuelan food stand

HaCarmel St 38
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 54 468 6723
Hours: 12PM – 3PM / 7PM – 11PM M-Sa

Wok Republic
asian fast food

Abarbanel St 72
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 696 9629
Hours: 12PM – 12AM

italian restaurant

Olei Zion St 16
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 682 9678
Hours: 12PM – 3PM / 7PM – 11PM M-Sa

Dr. Shakshuka
libyan restaurant

Beit Eshel St 3
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 682 2842
Hours: 8AM – 12AM M-Th + 8AM – 4PM F + 6:30AM – 12AM Sa + 8AM – 12 AM Su 

mexican restaurant and bar

2 Chayim Vital St
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 518 7925
Hours: 12PM – 1AM

restaurant, deli, bakery, and flower shop

Yehuda Halevi 79/81
Tel Aviv
972 3 518 7925
Hours: 7:30AM – 8PM Su-Th + 7:30AM – 5PM F + 8AM – 5PM Sa


coffee shop, boutique, and education space

Sgula St 15
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 546 9890
Hours: 7AM – 7PM Su-Th (closed F-Sa)

Basma Coffee
coffee shop and turkish cafe

Louis Pasteur St 5
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 33 1 43 25 40 93
Hours: 8AM – 8PM

Levinsky 41 Cafe
kombucha and coffee shop

Levinsky 41
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 58 448 8480
Hours: 6:30AM – 7PM Su-Th (closed F-Sa)


Abouelafia Bakery
most famous bakery in jaffa

Yefet St 7
Tel Aviv
+ 972 3 681 2340
Hours: 7AM – 8:30PM M-Sa

Milk Bakery
french style boulangerie and patisserie

Beit Eshel St 5
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 52 344 4190
Hours: 7AM – 6:30PM Su-F (closed Sa)

Urban Bakery
bakery and cafe

Nitsana St 14
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 553 0404
Hours: 7AM – 9PM Su-Th + 7AM – 5PM F 
(closed Sa)

To Shop

New Clothing & Jewelry

art gallery and women’s clothing and jewelry boutique

Beit Eshel St 7
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+33 1 45 44 86 85
Hours: 10PM – 6PM Su-Th + 10AM – 3PM Fr (closed Sa) 

Sharon Brunsher
edgy minimalist women’s clothing

Amihad St 13
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 683 1896
Hours: 10PM – 7:30PM Su-Th + 10AM – 3:30PM Fr (closed Sa) 

iconic israeli fashion house

11 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris
+ 33 1 45 48 86 86
Hours: 9:30AM – 7PM Su-Th + 9:30AM – 3:30PM Fr (closed Sa) 

Vintage & Antiques

Buy Kilo
vintage and secondhand clothing – by the kilo

Sderot Yehudit 9
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 605 5585
Hours: 10:30AM – 7PM Su-Th + 10:30AM – 2PM F (closed Su)

Retro – TLV
vintage modern furnishings and decor

Sderot Yehudit 9
Tel Aviv – Yafo
972 3 685 0663
Hours: 10:30AM – 7PM Su-Th + 10:30AM – 2PM F (closed Su)


Asufa Israeli Design
quirky home goods

8 Yehuda Meragusa
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 604 1405
Hours: 10AM – 8PM Su-Th + 9AM – 5PM F + 11AM – 7PM Sa

israeli designed objects and home goods

Rabi Pinkhas St 4
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 972 3 670 6062
Hours: 10AM – 6PM Su-Th + 10AM – 4PM F (closed Sa) 


B-Side Stereo
a record shop that makes the best cappuccino in tel aviv

Nahalat Binyamin St 155
Tel Aviv – Yafo
+ 33 1 43 25 40 93
Hours: 12AM – 10PM Su-Th + 10AM – 5PM F + 7PM-11PM Sa

To Do

Food Markets

Levinsky Market
balkan and iranian influenced culinary marketplace

area around Nahalat Binyamin St and Levinsky
Tel Aviv – Yafo
Hours: 7AM – 7PM Su-F (closed Sa)

Carmel Market
tel aviv’s most popular culinary marketplace

area along HaCarmel Street and Allenby St
Tel Aviv – Yafo
Hours: 8AM – 7PM Su-Th +8AM – 4PM F (closed Sa)

Flea Market

Jaffa Flea Market
marketplace of antiques and secondhand goods, trendy designer boutiques, and restaurants

Olei Zion St
Tel Aviv – Yafo
Hours: 9AM – 5PM Su-Th + 9AM – 4PM F (closed Sa)


Honey Beach – Jaffa
sunset below the walls of old jaffa

Retsif ha-ALiya ha-Shniya St

What To Do In Tel Aviv

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