Where to Shop in Tel Aviv | B-Side Stereo Record Store

The red couch at B Side Stereo in Tel Aviv is a spot to find friends and the local street cat who likes to beg for pets

Today’s Where to Shop in Tel Aviv feature is in honor of International Record Store Day, which occurs every April 22nd around the world. I’d like to bring your attention to a fantastic record store in Tel Aviv …. B-Side Stereo, located in the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv – Yafo.


Pictures of the inside and outside of B Side Stereo Record Store in Tel Aviv

Where to Shop in Tel Aviv | B-Side Stereo Record Store

When you are traveling, it is often the random wandering that brings you the most wonderful of gems. It was such a scenario that led me into B-Side Stereo on Nahalat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv’s Florentin district. 

Having just celebrated their 2 year anniversary, B-Side Stereo is a small but mighty record store in Tel Aviv filled with an eclectic mix of old favorites, classics, and inspiring new nuggets just waiting to be discovered. Started in 2015, B-Side Stereo is the type of place that welcomes you in and feels like home. The record store is not only the perfect shop for picking up some great vinyl, owner Dean Braun also repairs some stereo equipment as well, making B-Side Stereo a one stop shop the serious audiophile. Plus, B-Side Stereo can also be proud to own MY claim to having one of the best cappuccinos in Tel Aviv. 

From the cozy back patio to the small wooden cafe tables and comfy red couch, often occupied by the B-Side’s huge yellow tom cat, B-Side Stereo is a musical oasis in a charming and electric city. Be sure to stop in when you are traveling through Tel Aviv, grab a cappuccino, and chat with B-Side Stereo’s owner Dean Braun about the the new additions in the shop that he is excited about. If you love music and especially vinyl, please enjoy the best record store in Tel Aviv, B-Side Stereo!

Where to Shop in Tel Aviv | Music Edition

B-Side Stereo.Coffee.Records
Nahalat Binyamin Street 155
Tel Aviv – Yafo, Israel

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