The Best Antique Shop in Paris is L’object qui Parle

Imagine a place where the theatre set from your dreams is for sale, this is what it is like when you find yourself in the best antique shop in Paris, L’objet qui Parle in Montmartre.

If your dreams are directed by Michael Gondry and Guillermo del Toro, you must add L’objet qui Parle to your list of where to shop in Paris. I’ve always been a little peculiar in my tastes, my home is a combination of danish and mid century modern meets found art plus a not so discreet collection of skulls, antique cameras, and taxidermy. It is no surprise then that L’objet qui Parle in Paris spoke to my heart, which is why I have proclaimed it to be – the best antique shop in Paris.

Exterior of small antiques and oddities shop in Montmartre Paris named L'objet Qui Parle
L’objet Qui Parle in Montmartre Paris

The Best Antique Shop in Paris

Opened in 1998 in an area of Montmartre that was once home to derelict buildings and prostitutes, L’objet qui Parle has outlived the gentrification of the neighborhood and has become a gallery of the absurd, where everything is for sale.

Owned by a bohemian looking gentleman by the name of Guillame, LqP houses the type of antiquities collection that will make the curious curiouser. The shop is evocative to say the least, and with each blink, the stories open up like an unfurling blossom, layers upon layers pulling you further in. Hours are easily spent in this small Parisian antique shop that occupies less than 20m².

Guillame sources his sublime curiosities from his travels, whether sticking close to home in Paris or throughout Europe. It’s no doubt as well that he maintains a rich database of connections for the eclectic and obscure, for when a client calls in the ever increasing odd request. A man as unique and charming as the objects his tiny shop holds, you would be amiss to not engage him in some pleasantries when stopping in.

Interior photo of antique shop in Montmartre Paris named L'objet qui Parle showing horned animal skulls, chandeliers, and statutes of French knights
Antiquities and Oddities at Paris’ L’objet qui Parle in Montmartre

Don’t let your suitcase be an excuse for not picking up a few gifts for yourself or friends back home when antique shopping in Montmartre. Shipping from Paris isn’t difficult, and depending on the size of the items, this can be achieved affordably using the flat rate boxes available at the Paris postal offices. So get lost in L’objet qui Parle and don’t worry, if you love it, Guillame can help you find a way to get it back home, regardless the country.

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Where to Shop in Paris | Antiques Edition

L’objet qui Parle
86 rue des Martyrs
Paris, France
+ 33 6 09 67 05 30

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